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The GREAT EDIT: Rose’s Formula

Updated: Apr 6

As you know I have been on an intense targeted journey of change and rapid growth, while synthesizing the best aspects of my past, with the knowledge and wisdom of my present and future.

During this time, I have been unapologetically editing all things related to “fitness culture” or “diet culture”, keeping the best skills & habits, knowledge, and motivations from that period; while forging a more sensible outlook and routine. One that focuses on true health, wellness, and longevity and accounts for where I am in my life right now. This whole experience has been cathartic.

It’s helped me to synthesize and crystalize much of my knowledge, experiences, and interests across several disciplines. I’m appreciative of this time for self-exploration. After several months of trial and error, I’m ready to share them with all of you.

I hope you find value in here and it inspires you to re-evaluate your views and practices around nutrition, health, fitness, and wellness.

Fitness Culture tells you: "Work while everyone is Sleeping" 1# Sleep is King. - The topic of sleep is ongoing and research specifically studying the effect of sleep and the circadian rhythm on longevity is an exciting and evolving area of study. For individuals suffering from hormonal imbalance, sleep plays a crucial role. Sleep is our body's restorative and healing process. There are several hormones associated with the circadian system including; growth hormone, melatonin, cortisol, leptin, and ghrelin [1]. Leptin and ghrelin are hormones that also regulate our hunger, satiety, and fat distribution [2]. They are known as our Orexigenic and Anorexigenic peptide signaling hormones within our GI tract as part of our CNS system.

Fitness/Diet Culture tells you: "Food as Fuel (only)" 2# Satisfy your Hunger, but be weary of your Cravings. -There is merit in the use of dietary individualization to achieve fitness/health goals. But the line between nutrition individualization and nutrition restriction is a fine line. This is a topic we will elaborate on further throughout the blog site. Food is more than just fuel to meet some end. Food is nourishment. Food is culture. Food is camaraderie and socialization. The merit of true long withstanding health is finding joy in nutrition that balances health, fitness, and pleasure with few "restrictions".

Fitness Culture tells you: "Will Power is ALL you need"

3# Cultivate your Environment, Get Organized. -Your environment matters. Your living environment matters. Your lifestyle stressors matter. These are all determinants that can lead to significant barriers to implementing more healthful habits. While not all of us are afforded supportive spaces such as access to green spaces, crime-free or safe neighborhoods, large multi-room homes, or supportive work environments as examples. We can try to cultivate the best spaces that lead to our success by implementing more organization and planning.

Fitness Culture tells you: "You can have everything if you just stop (this) one thing" 4# Address Challenges Methodically with Intention. -Similar to #3 reasoning, everything matters. That includes timing. Success is not linear. You will meet with unexpected challenges and you may have individual stressors and circumstances that are especially unique to you at one moment in time or in one duration of time or several periods at one time. You should take the time required to face them, recognize them, and address them without guilt.

Fitness Culture tells you: "Whatever it Takes"

5# Make Room to Pivot. -Similar to #4 reasoning, everything matters, and life will happen. Be prepared to pivot, to adjust, to grow, to evolve.

Fitness Culture tells you: "You NEED (this) supplementation to do X & Y"

6# Limit Supplementation. - All your nutrient needs should be met with food. Therefore, supplementation is just that, to "supplement" missing nutrients or inadequacies. Supplementation should not be your source of nutrients. Fitness Culture tells you: "No excuses" 7# Allow for Grace & Accountability. - Be firm but be gentle with yourself. Focus on motivational thoughts and re-framing negative thoughts. You cannot be a good self-advocate without some accountability. Both require recognition.

Fitness Culture tells you: "Grit is all that matters"

8# Use Tools. -Grit is great. It's just not the only thing you need for health success. What you need are tools. This can be digital, verbal, name it, you have it at your fingertips. Record it all. Track it. Recall it. Readjust. Record some more, til you reach your goals.

Fitness Culture tells you: "You are repeatedly what you do"

9# Stay Adaptable. -Discipline and habit forming are a large part of health success. However, adaptability is often more reflective of life's ebbs and flows. In a sense, adaptability is a hierarchical habit compared to others because it increases fitness longevity, rather than, temporary effects.

Fitness Culture tells you: "Be Stronger than your Excuses"

10# All of It Matters. - On the surface, not giving in to excuses, implies sound fitness motivation advice. But in reality, all of it matters. Your work schedule; work type; support systems and relationships; mental health; nutrition and food access; sleep cycle or lack of sleep; and other competing obligations like school, family, or career obligations. It's more important to recognize these rather than fight them. These are all important social determinants.

References: [1] Kim, T. W., Jeong, J. H., & Hong, S. C. (2015). The impact of sleep and circadian disturbance on hormones and metabolism. International journal of endocrinology, 2015, 591729.

[2] Pradhan, G., Samson, S. L., & Sun, Y. (2013). Ghrelin: much more than a hunger hormone. Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care, 16(6), 619–624.

[3] Wu, Hsin-Jung and Wu, Eric (2012). The role of gut microbiota in immune homeostasis and autoimmunity. Gut Microbes 3:1, 4–14.

[4] Zaljchuck et al. (1969). The relationship between blood glucose levels and external pancreatic secretion in man. J Trauma, 9:629-636.

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