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Fitness & Training

Exercise and Training are and have been an integral part of my life.

However, not all styles of fitness training are made equal.  The specificity of training is an important concept.

Here we will discuss, the many and often times overwhelming and conflicting topics surrounding:

-Fitness/Sports Training
-Modes of Exercise
-Protocols and Programming
-Health-Promoting Activities
-Sports Specific Nutrition, Training and Behavior


Time to distinguish between rhetoric and efficacy. Let's Go!

Move Smarter, Faster, Better, and Safer. 


Here we explore cardiovascular physical exercise in relation to heart and overall health, insulin sensitivity and longevity.

Tying Shoelaces

Iron Therapy:
Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is paramount to becoming stronger. Period. Here we will discuss the many forms of weightlifting protocols.


Survival and Longevity are in essence the combination of Strength and Agility. We discuss strategies to increase kinesthesia related agility, balance and spatial organization.

Split on Blocks
Chalking Up

Sports Specific

If you want to be faster, stronger and better for a sport. You have to do specific training for the sport.

Sports Nutrition

Easily one the most overlooked components of sports specificity. Here I will share sports specific nutrition, along with timing and implementation.

Fresh Produce
Climbing Rope

Sport Behavior

How to cultivate the right mindset, behavior modification tools, and exploring topics related to sports psychology.

Foot Massage

Sport Recovery

Recovery tools and strategies to prevent injury and lower training related inflammation, to assist with efficient turn-around.

Foot Massage
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