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*Public Health and Health Advocate Consultant
*Behavioral Health Case Manager
*Gerontology & Aging Behavioral Health/
Mental Health Specialist
*Nutrition, Health, & Wellness Coordinator/Educator
The Pursuit

I am...
Inquisitive by nature. Public Health and Health Advocate Consultant. Certified Healthcare Professional. Certified Nutrition Educator and Food Manager. Researcher & Medical/Health Writer. Social Service Advocate & Case Manager. Gerontology & Aging Behavioral Health/Mental Health Specialist. Health & Wellness Curator. Fitness Fiend. Science Enthusiast. Biology & Biochemistry Nerd. Nutrition, Dietetics, and Wellness Professional. Program & Policy Evaluation Specialist.

Inspired by my own health, fitness, and wellness journey; along with my experience in healthcare and social services,
Roots and Rose explores topics that are related to: health & wellness; medicine & healthcare; fitness & training; behavioral modification; nutrition & nutritional science; public health & health access; cross-sections of biotech & health assessments; community health & health policy. Seeking to build bridges of knowledge and fill in gaps between disciplines. 

Come learn, explore and evolve with me...


Discourse & Insights

Analyze and investigate Nutrition, Health, Medicine, Fitness and Wellness topics, while bridging disciplines.
Topics include: 

​-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
-Hormonal Imbalance
-Metabolic Syndrome

-Weight Loss 



Love & Inspire

Favorite Health Food Products, Health & Wellness Companies,

Health & Wellness Services
and Charities/Organizations
that Inspire Me.



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Illinois, United States

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