A New Season and So Many Reasons

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I am excited to share this new season of my journey with you...

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, I decided to rejoin a gym. Now, that I am fully vaccinated and with a booster, I'm comfortable being back in the communal gym environment, with precautions. In my stage of change: Action Phase. I got done missing the gym and finally decided it was time. I also picked a gym that was close to work. I measured my risks to rewards. My home gym is great (and I hope to one day post my journey of remodeling it) but my fitness personality likes being at a communal gym. I also felt very grateful that I had a space to train during the lockdown, even if, it was not as consistent as I had hoped. But I like the communal gym environment for its energy, the activity, and the structure; along with the accessibility to different equipment. I plan on doing more balancing/flexibility/proprioception training at the home gym, which I will be sharing as well.

Naturally, in this new season of my journey, I am more conscious about the process and the gradual ease of being back in the communal gym environment after some sporadic and spotty activity. You can read about why it became sporadic on this blog post and hear about it at this podcast episode along with the other episodes.

After several years of balancing school, work, and all my other extra activities and navigating my way; and allowing the necessary time and rest, to reassess and reaffirm, parts of my fitness-health journey, that I wanted to incorporate again. In this next season and phase of my journey, I am more thoughtful and even intuitive about my choices. I've reached this decision with renewed vigor and much more consciousness and mindfulness moving forward. I am excited to chronicle this for you and I hope it inspires you to find your new season as well...

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